What We Do

Our Franchisee

Hues & Styles Institute of Design & Management is committed to establish world class educational and training institute in the field of Fashion and Interior Design by creating replica of it under its established brand in every city of the country.

For this very cause, it invites interested professionals, entrepreneurs, institutions to shake hands in the process of creating a new flow of professionally skilled brain pool of fashion/interior designers in India.

This business proposal is put in front of you to associate with us as our Franchisee and make way towards prosperity, establishment and deference of being part of leading league of the field.

It’s the high time to come together for providing excellent professional education in your city with the help of state of the art technology and teaching support to make a handsome earning by facilitating the students make their dreams come true as fashion/interior designers.

Your Role
    • To meet and maintain vision and mission of Hues & Styles.
    • To maintain the interest of the students and to inspire, stimulate and bring them to the course.
    • Make best efforts to ensure the best facilitation of learning of students.
    • Maintain financial viability and increase profitability.


    • To pay Franchise charges as signing amount.(Valid for 5 years)
    • Fulfill other financial obligations.
    • Reporting to the Hues & Styles.
    • To abide by the teaching process of Hues & Styles
    • Hardware and prescribed software for conducting the courses.
    • Other infrastructure that is required and periodic up gradation of the same.
    • Manpower for academics and operations of the centre.
    • Necessary local licenses and permissions for starting the Franchise centre.
Qualitative Prerequisites
    • Passion for Education.
    • Belief in Vision and Mission of Hues & Styles.
    • Integrity and Business ethics.
    • Understanding of Academic World.
    • Mutual trust and cooperation.
Quantitative Prerequisites
    • Having capability of capital investment of 10,00,000 to 20,00,000* in India.
    • At least 2500 sq.ft. to 4000 sq.ft., rented or own space, depends on the location.
    • Have 4 to 6 classroom (of at least 50 students’ capacity).
    • Library, Computer Room and Office cabin with IT Support.
    • Audio-Video System.
    • Some resources should be available like white board and suitable furniture and fixtures, proper electricity supply, weather conditioners etc. in every class room.
    • Separate Restroom for Male and Female.
    • Send duly filled in form with registration fee.
    • Discussion with Hues & Styles business development executive.
    • 30 days period for development of the Infrastructure.
    • Infrastructure verification by Hues & Styles team.
    • Signing amount submission.
    • Signing of Agreement.
    • Payment of brand sharing charges.

What You Will Gain

Qualitative Gain

    • High Integrity.
    • Sound Business ethics in all dealings.
    • Mutual trust and cooperation.
    • Association with a near monopoly brand.
    • Infrastructure consultation.
    • Regular support on administration and academic matters.
    • Training of faculty and staff.
    • National Presence.
    • Facilitation of ISO Certification (against additional payment).
    • Curriculum and academic delivery methodology.
    • Courseware designed by our technical experts after extensive research by the company.

Quantitative Gain

    • Certification as Franchisee.
    • Time Schedule.
    • Support for the Fashion and Interior Design courses.
    • Marketing leads generated through our website
    • Marketing support in terms of ad campaigns, brochures, Internet marketing, toll-free number, etc. and assistance to franchisee for local promotion.

Support You Will Get From Us

Student & Faculty Support

Student Support
    • Placement support for the students.
    • End-to-end examination support.
    • Central evaluation of students’ projects.
Faculty Support
    • Faculty and Staff Training.
    • Trainers Manual along with FAQs.
    • Teachers Certification with validity period.

Management Support

    • Library Assistance.
    • Advertisement Support (On Hues & Styles Website, Brand publications, News Papers etc.).
    • Continuous IT Support by Hues & Styles Experts.
    • Regular support on administration and academic matters.